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The DMA Digest is an edited gathering of information relative to DMA United's business model. With the goal of propelling deal flow and internal awareness, the criteria we use in selecting these topics is reflective of our company philosophy: innovation is born from a polycultural and multi-disciplinarian environment.

Jennifer Lopez Is Fashion’s Most Coveted Spring ’20 Campaign Star — But Will She Drive Sales?

While it’s rare for a celebrity to front so many different brands in the same season, Lopez, 50, is arguably at the top of her game. “She’s unique and a mega star right now,” said Marc Beckman, founding partner and CEO of New York-based agency DMA United, noting that Lopez will garner even more attention in the coming weeks as the Super Bowl halftime act.

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The Second-Biggest Diamond in History Has a New Owner

Louis Vuitton has won all 1,758 carats of the Sewelo diamond.

The largest rough diamond discovered since 1905, the 1,758-carat Sewelo, was revealed with great fanfare last April, named in July and then largely disappeared from view. Now it has resurfaced with a new owner — and it’s not a name you might expect.

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Would You Buy a Used Beauty Product?

Beauty resale — of products like lipstick, skin makeup, and perfumes — is now a legitimate market, and it’s beginning to grow on platforms like Glambot, Poshmark, and Ebay. The second-hand clothing and shoe resale market has exploded in recent years on sites like The Real Real thanks to consumers’ penchant for sustainability and affordability. As Vogue Business explained in a new report, these same customer priorities seem to have paved the way for this new, beauty-focused aftermarket.

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Case Study: How to Market a New Brand

Effective marketing is a challenge for every type of consumer brand, but especially for emerging brands. In our latest in-depth case study, BoF decodes the strategies driving real results for eight young lines.

NEW YORK, United States — At the end of 2019, two of beauty’s most hyped brands sold for huge sums. In December, Kylie Cosmetics — the lip kit empire built on selfies by one of the most famous people on the planet, Kylie Jenner — sold a majority stake to Coty in a deal that valued the brand at almost $1.2 billion. A month earlier, Shiseido paid $845 million to acquire Sephora-favourite skincare line Drunk Elephant, a brand started by Tiffany Masterson, a stay-at-home mom with a passion for clean ingredients.

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Are Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Poised to Build A Billion-Dollar Brand?

Speaking engagements, book deals, film deals and clothing collaborations could easily rack up millions for the royal exiters.

The Meghan Economy is back with a vengeance, and a Royal Sussex enterprise could potentially become a billion-dollar brand.

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This is the one skill designers need to develop most in 2020

Legendary designer Don Norman takes designers to task for elevating craft above all else, when what matters most is the willingness to collaborate.

In his annual Design in Tech report in 2019, my good friend and design visionary John Maeda declared that “design is not that important.” He is wrong, but also correct. Let me explain.

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Athleisure as we know it today evolved from a century-long history of American sportswear.

The whole world, it seems, has gone "athleisure." We're surrounded by Lululemon yoga pants, Yeezy sneakers, Nike sports bras and Outdoor Voices exercise dresses. Experts say it's a $300 billion dollar international industry and only expected to grow in the coming years as it appears that no one is immune. As Lisa Armstrong of Harper's Bazaar wrote in the September 2016 issue, "Even fashion's die-hard romantics, bohos, and glamour junkies have bought into this athleisure moment."

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High-Low Collaborations Democratised Fashion. But What Did They Do For the Designers?

Target gave independent brands the opportunity to make some money and gain exposure. In the long term, however, the cheap-chic retailer is the real winner.

“Over the short-term, back in the day when Target was really innovative in the space with great marketing, the lift for those brands was phenomenal,” said Marc Beckman, founder of DMA United, an agency that has brokered many collaboration deals. “Before Target, most people in this country didn’t know who Isaac Mizrahi was. Same thing with [British designer] Luella Bartley. It really helped.”

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How Much Is A Celebrity Name Really Worth?

From Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty to Alexa Chung, celebrity-fronted brands have become ubiquitous at fashion weeks. Here is how much those names are worth.

Quantifying the value of celebrity involvement is difficult. In a best-case scenario, it can lead to an extra 400 to 600 per cent in sales compared to a comparable non-celebrity label, says Marc Beckman, founding partner and chief executive of DMA United. The New York-based firm negotiates deals between companies and stars, including Sony’s ads with Taylor Swift and Karl Lagerfeld’s makeup collection.

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GLOBAL CURRENTS Luxury Brands Need Better Strategies for Bollywood. Here’s Why.

Global brands are hungry for a bigger slice of India’s $30 billion luxury market but they aren’t exploiting the country’s colossal film industry to its full potential.

MUMBAI, India — “I've got it all, Jimmy Choo and Manolo, Prada, Galliano. Can’t get enough. I want more and more... Louis Vuitton and Stella McCartney, Donatella Versace. I use a bag from Gucci.” The lyrics from the song featured in the 2012 Bollywood film “Student of The Year” certainly aren’t subtle but they say a lot about the appetite for luxury in the Indian market

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Ann Demeulemeester Doesn’t Miss Fashion at All. She Has Other Plans.

There are chickens, a garden and a whole new line of products.

She has landed on a new medium, and Ann Demeulemeester Serax, a collection of porcelain dinner services, silverware, glasses and, in the near future, larger housewares, will be available in October. It was all conceived by Ms. Demeulemeester and her husband, Patrick Robyn, a former photographer and her long-term collaborator.

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"Florence by Mills" will cater to Gen Z consumers.

The proliferation of celebrity beauty brands is still going strong. On Tuesday, WWD reported that the latest star to get into the cosmetics business is 15-year-old Millie Bobby Brown of "Stranger Things" fame. Dubbed Florence by Mills, the range will offer color cosmetics and skin care that caters to Brown's peers, the Gen Z consumer base companies are so earnestly clamoring to reach of late.

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Amazon Opens Its Largest Campus Yet

Amazon.com Inc. today opened its largest campus building globally in the south Indian city of Hyderabad as it prepares for a furious expansion and battle with nemesis Walmart Inc. in one of the world’s fastest-growing retail markets. The Seattle-headquartered company is making an ambitious push in India, the last major retail frontier still primarily reliant on small-scale neighborhood and mom-and-pop stores. “E-commerce is so small in India relative to the total consumption, less than 3%,” said Amit Agarwal, Amazon’s country manager for India.

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Down the Heel: Have Sneakers Made Stilettos Irrelevant?

Footwear remains one of the strongest categories in retail businesses, and that's not because of high heels but because sneakers, flats and mid-heels have been driving growth.

Are high heels headed for fashion’s scrap heap? Footwear remains one of the strongest categories in retail, but only because sneakers, flats and mid-heels have been driving growth as women prioritize comfort, versatility and a fast-paced lifestyle that’s more about clocking steps than having an Uber at every curb.

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